About Me


I am an entrepreneur at heart, always keeping a lookout for the next adventure! In 2004 I began freelancing and created my own web design company, Minds Eye Web Design, based out of Atlanta. I also co-founded a web dev shop called heystac in 2009 and worked as the Lead Developer. I sold Minds Eye Web Design to heystac and moved onto Turner Broadcasting in 2012. There I was part of the team that built the mobile version of NBA.com. Since then I have worked on multiple web applications at various companies. I have been spoiled by the laid back startup atmosphere and don’t see myself ever going back to the corporate world. With perks like a ping-pong table, quarterly poker tournaments, catered lunches and beer, what more could a developer ask for!

I am fascinated by Japanese culture and I enjoy reading manga, watching anime, listening to Japanese alternative rock, practicing my Japanese, and would like to learn kendo. I actually own a few katanas, among other swords. I know it’s not Japanese… but I did study Kung Fu for over a year.

I live in Cumming, GA with my family. I have a beautiful wife, Jamie three boys Jayden, Micah & Rowan along with our dog Louie. When I’m not on the computer I like to spend time with my family, play poker and watch movies.

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